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Carotid Artery Stent Systems

X.ACT Carotid Stent System




X.ACTThe X.ACT Carotid Stent is a self-expanding nitinol stent with a closed cell design. X.ACT offers lesion-specific scaffolding for targeted radial strength, designed to balance flexibility and vessel wall coverage.






Photo taken by and on file at Abbott Vascular.




  • Designed for minimal shortening and crush resistance
  • Flared stent ends to facilitate the passage of balloons with no exposed struts for smooth passage of the retrieval catheter
  • Closed cell stent architecture with straight and tapered stents for proper ICA to CCA sizing

Unique variable cell size

  • Dense scaffolding to minimize tissue and plaque prolapse.
  • Targeted radial strength generated by variable cell size offers strength suited to anatomy and lesion location
  • Low crossing profile (5.7F) to support deliverability

Freestyle Technology

  • Stent deployment accuracy to ensure lesion coverage.
  • Stabilizer absorbs frictional forces to facilitate accurate stent deployment
  • Ergonomic handle offers single-handed deployment for controlled, comfortable stent deployment
  • Rotational deployment offers controlled, accurate stent deployment

Photo taken by and on file at Abbott Vascular.


Ordering Information
Stent Diameter (mm) Stock Number ICA Reference
Vessel Diameter
CCA Reference
Vessel Diameter
Minimum Sheath /
Guide Size
20 (mm) 30 (mm) 40 (mm)
7 XRX02007S XRX03007S N/A 5.5-6.4 N/A 6F/8F
8 XRX02008S XRX03008S N/A 6.4-7.3 N/A 6F/8F
9 XRX02009S XRX03009S N/A 7.3-8.2 N/A 6F/8F
10 XRX02010S XRX03010S N/A 8.2-9.1 N/A 6F/8F
6-8 taper N/A XRX03008T XRX04008T 4.8-5.5 6.4-7.3 6F/8F
7-9 taper N/A XRX03009T XRX04009T 5.5-6.4 7.3-8.2 6F/8F
8-10 taper N/A XRX03010T XRX04010T 6.4-7.3 8.2-9.1 6F/8F

AP2930317-WBO Rev. A