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Peripheral Dilatation Catheters

Fox Plus PTA Catheter



foxplusFox Plus is a low-profile workhorse balloon for everyday needs that combines high strength and rapid inflation-deflation time.

High Strength

Rated burst pressure up to 18 bar

Increases safety in the dilatation of calcified lesions.

Controlled compliance

For a predictable diameter at a given pressure to minimize the risk of vessel trauma.

FoxPlusLow Profile

Compatible with a 5 French sheath up to Ø 7mm balloons.

Excellent rewrapping

Minimizes the post-dilatation profile during single and multiple inflations.

Tapered tip

For negotiation through tortuous vessels and tight stenoses.

Shaft Technology

Advanced shaft technology with an enhanced dual lumen shaft.

Rapid inflation and deflation

Inflation and deflation within seconds for an effective and time-saving procedure.



High kink-resistance

To facilitate cross-over procedures.

Excellent pushability and trackability

To reach and cross the target lesion.

JET coating

JET coated shaft, tip and guidewire lumen. Reduces friction and facilitates access and crossing of target lesions.

Ordering Information
Recommended Guidewire: 0.035"
50 cm Usable Shaft Length Art. No.80 cm Usable Shaft Length Art. No.135 cm Usable Shaft Length Art. No."Nominal Balloon, Ø [mm]"Balloon Length [mm]Sheath Compatibility [F]Nominal Pressure [bar]Rated Burst Pressure [bar]

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