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Peripheral & Biliary Self-Expanding Stent Systems

Xpert Self-Expanding Stent System

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xpertThe One and Only

The world's first 4F compatible self-expanding stent system, specifically designed for small vessels with focus on hemodynamics.

Innovation and technology have resulted in a new generation of the Xpert small vessel stent system, now enabling to treat peripheral vessels from diameter 2 mm up to 7 mm.

Each stent diameter was specifically developed to guarantee a Nitinol/vessel wall coverage of maximum 20%.

Designed for small vessels
The Xpert has a homogeneous and diameter independent constant arterial surface coverage (each stent diameter is specifically designed). The wall coverage is reduced compared to other NiTi stents.
Optimized hemodynamics
The relative wall coverage can be compared to a standard stent in a larger vessel. The low strut profile also contributes to optimizing the vessel lumen and minimizing the flow disturbance. This design assures minimal reduction of vessel lumen when placed in a small vessel.
lumen 1
Strut profile designed for large vessels in a large vessel
lumen 2
Strut profile designed for large vessels in a small vessel
lumen 3
Specifically designed Xpert strut profile in a small vessel
Radial Force
Higher radial force compared to other 0.018” guidewire systems. No compromise in radial force compared to 0.035” guidewire systems.
In tortuous anatomy, a good wall apposition ensures, that vessel lumen is not reduced and hemodynamics is maintained.


Stent material: Nitinol
Recommended guidewire: 0.018
Ordering Information

Recommended Guidewire: 0.018"

MRI Safe

Usable Shaft LengthReference Vessel Duct, Ø (mm)Unconstrained Stent, Ø (mm)Stent Length (mm)Sheath Compatibility
90 cm
Art. No.
135 cm
Art. No.
EX8S2003 EX8L2003 2-2.5 3 20 4
EX8S3003 EX8L3003 2-2.5 3 30 4
EX8S4003 EX8L4003 2-2.5 3 40 4
EX8S2004 EX8L2004 2.5-3.5 4 20 4
EX8S3004 EX8L3004 2.5-3.5 4 30 4
EX8S4004 EX8L4004 2.5-3.5 4 40 4
EX8S6004 EX8L6004 2.5-3.5 4 60 4
Usable Shaft LengthReference Vessel Duct, Ø (mm)Unconstrained Stent, Ø (mm)Stent Length (mm)Sheath Compatibility
80 cm
Art. No.
120 cm
Art. No.
EX8S2005 EX8L2005 3-4 5 20 4
EX8S3005 EX8L3005 3-4 5 30 4
EX8S4005 EX8L4005 3-4 5 40 4
EX8S6005 EX8L6005 3-4 5 60 4
EX8S2006 EX8L2006 4-5 6 20 4
EX8S3006 EX8L3006 4-5 6 30 4
EX8S4006 EX8L4006 4-5 6 40 4
EX8S6006 EX8L6006 4-5 6 60 5
EX8S3008 EX8L3008 5-7 8 30 5
EX8S4008 EX8L4008
5-7 8 40 5
EX8S6008 EX8L6008 5-7 8 60 5

* The implanted stent is MRI safe and does not interfere with, nor is affected by the operation of an MRI device

AP2932869 Rev. A


Indications and Important Safety Information